Liver Diet

Diet is very necessary for a healthy liver. There are many things that have to be added and avoided. In most of the cases, such as poor digestion, poor appetite and other health hazards, liver is blamed. This is a very common assumption among the people all over the world. But in fact, there are very tiny instances when a liver is responsible for bad health. Now let’s discuss here about some of the healthy diets for liver. As we all know how vital is liver in the human body, it is far more important that we understand how to keep our liver good and healthy. Diet is one of those things that need to be sorted out in the case of a healthy liver. Some of the food elements that need to be added in your diet are mentioned below.

The diet to be added:

  • Fruits need to be added to the diet
  • The next thing in the list is animal protein
  • The ratio of fat – Carbohydrate and protein should be 30% – 50% – 20%
  • This ratio differs in case of diabetic patients
  • Fluids are very important for the liver as well as the whole body. It is very important to keep the body well hydrated
  • With the above elements to be added to the diet for a healthy liver, there are also a few things that we need to avoid and they are mentioned below.
  • egg-yolk

The elements to be avoided:

  • Alcohol is bad for health and definitely dangerous for the liver
  • The consumption of alcohol should be minimized, to keep the liver healthy


The metabolic process of our body produces free radicals and antioxidants protect our body from these free radicals. Antioxidants help the liver to recover and regenerate in case of any damage. There are Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables and also nuts and grains.

Some of the Antioxidants and the food sources are listed below –

  • Beta – Caotene: Sweet potatoes, Carrot, pumpkins etc
  • Selenium – Rice
  • Lycopene – Water Melon, Papaya etc
  • Vitamin A – Egg Yolk, carrot, milk etc
  • Vitamin C – Poultry, fish etc
  • Vitamin E – Corn, soya beans etc

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