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Liver Transplantation and Surgery

Transplant Counsellor assists the transplantation teams with a medical procedure which includes the placement of a working organ from a donor's body after the removal of the deceased organ from the recipient's body. We stand by the people in their most challenging times. Inspire of being the most illustrious treatment, organ transplantation still lacks awareness and imperturbable state for the patient and its family. Amid the existence of the socio-cultural factors, lack of awareness, lack of people's faith in new healthcare systems, religious beliefs and superstitions, Transplant Counsellor upholds the support and the backbone of the patient and its family with every possible support from pre-transplant evaluation, post treatment follow-ups, financial counselling, psychological support, ethical committee procedures, organ donation issues, etc. With our 25 years of experience of serving patients, we seek to provide guidance and a ray of hope to the families who suffer physically and mentally due to organ failures. In this kind of burdensome path, where some patients succumb to this life-threatening disease without the right guidance and substantial support, we choose to use our knowledge and fulfill our urge to help you by providing solutions to your problems and making the most onerous part of your life trouble-free.

In return of our endless support and guidance, we expect nothing but your trust in us. Our guidance and your decision are two sides of the same coin named 'Liver Transplant'.

We are associated with JCI & NABH Hospitals all over India. We feel utmost pride while saying that we coordinated the First Successful Liver Transplantation in India in 1997 under the supervision of the two most exceptional doctors of all time, Dr. A.S Soin and Dr. M.R Rajasekar. We are now working with various healthcare experts in different parts of the country.

Other than helping the society, we believe in helping our country's medical faculty by seeking to start eliminating the organ donor waitlist across the country so that people of different religions, caste and communities, are well-aware of the successful transplantation units and have faith in the country's healthcare system. We counsel and encourage people from all over the country to come forward and spread awareness about donating organs because we believe that donating organs after brain stem death doesn't include a social service factor or doesn't make us a donator, but surely a Life Saver.

The first thing that is important is to know the symptoms of liver cirrhosis. Some of the common symptoms of liver cirrhosis are as follows –

  • Fatigue
  • Skin rashes
  • Pale Color stool
  • Dark Urine
  • Nausea
  • Jaundice
  • The color of the urine is dark
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Enlarged liver
  • Loss of weight
  • Increase of jaundice etc
  • Liver transplantation assessment

This is very necessary before liver transplantation. The first thing that is done in liver transplantation is to know the severity of the liver failure. Then the functions of other organs such as heart, lungs and kidneys are very important to assess. Then the mental preparation that is required for the patient before going for the liver transplant.

We Specialize In

We provide a wide range of services

01. Cadaver Donor Liver Transplant

Cadaver or deceased donor is referred to brain dead donor here. It is the condition when the donor is declared brain dead but still other organs of body can be donated as the blood supply in other parts of body is maintained for some time.

02. Liver Cancer (Hepatocellular Carcinoma) Surgery

Liver cancer also known as Hepatocellular Carcinoma in medical world is the primary cancer as it is originated from Liver itself. Liver Cancer is the most common cancer disease widely spread in cancer patients. Main causes of liver

03. Auxiliary Liver Transplantation

Auxiliary liver transplantation is used to treat patients with acute liver failure.Auxiliary liver transplantation is the implantation of a right or left hemiliver into the abdominal cavity to recover the functioning of a diseased liver.

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