Cadaver Donor Liver Transplant

Cadaver or deceased donor is referred to brain dead donor here. It is the condition when the donor is declared brain dead by the approved brain dead committee but still other organs of body can be donated as the blood supply in other parts of body is maintained for some time.

Cadaver liver transplantation is in practice from many years. In this case the liver of deceased person who is declared brain dead, after the complete evaluation of the donor his liver is safe for transplantation can be transplanted to a patient with liver problem. In hospitals, patients with liver problem register themselves for Cadaver transplantation and these patients are kept in waiting list until a cadaver liver donor comes. For registration fill up this form.

However the waiting list of patients with liver problems is so large and donors are very few. So Cadaver/Deceased Dontation helps liver patients to find a deceased donor for liver transplantation. When a brain dead donor is found, donor is made available for the patients waiting for a cadaver donor. The most suited recipient is taken from the waiting list according to the blood group matching and health conditions of recipient.

After matching the blood group and testing the health conditions of recipient the liver is taken from the donor through a surgery and it is transported to recipient’s hospital by putting it in a cold preservative solution. In a surgery, liver of deceased person is transplanted to the patient with liver problem. First the diseased liver is removed from patient’s body and then it is replaced with the healthy liver of deceased donor. Whole operation of liver transplantation takes about six to eight hours.

Transplant Counsellor helps in finding a right liver for liver patients and helps with the liver transplantation by finding a matching donor. Our aim is to serve maximum possible liver patients to find their matching donor for transplantation. Cadaver Donor Liver Transplant program helps in finding the worth of working organs of a deceased person by transplanting them to a patient. Our team is dedicated to serve each and every patient with utmost care and perfection. Our mission to is to serve maximum liver patients in living healthy life.

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